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Monthly Archives: December 2010

CTS Vintage blank – the noodle arrived

Finally after »some« time of wait­ing my blank form CTS arri­ved today. It is the Vin­tage series FV762-3 custom cut and custom color which takes some extra time too. The lon­ger deli­very time is pretty nor­mal at CTS. Here are some specs.: Lenght: 7’6″ Aftma: #2 Sec­tions: custom 3 pcs Color: custom yel­low (regu­lar graphite gloss) Weight: 0.74 oz. Action: slow After unpacking the blank from the tube one point was clear, this is the yel­low what i was loo­king for! I put the pie­ces toge­ther and even wit­hout moun­ted gui­des the stick or i should bet­ter say the »noodle« felt com­ple­tely dif­fe­rent. This build will get a Stru­ble U-25 uplo­cking reel seat and […]