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Monthly Archives: March 2011

CTS Vintage – the noodle is not al dente

Here is a little report from my new build. I lis­ted some specs about the CTS Vin­tage here. I cas­ted the rod with dif­fe­rent line set­ups: DT1 works best for dry fly fis­hing with sparse CDC pat­terns up to hook size 12. The DT1 is more accu­rate to cast than a DT2. The hea­vier line load the blank deep into the butt sec­tion and it is a lot of fun to roll cast this one. Believe me this rod bends into fish… Related posts: Latest build Sage VXP 490–4 Rod building Sage xi3 – something for the big ones CTS Vintage blank – the noodle arrived Aufbau Thomas & Thomas […]

Fishing the Aubach creek

Roman, Mat­thias and me deci­ded to go for a fly fis­hing ses­sion yes­ter­day. We had a major tem­pe­ra­ture drop down since the day before, but any­way – we went fis­hing… We had some good cat­ches the bet­ter fish took nym­phs and wet flies. On dries we had some little brow­nies. Per­fect dead drifts with nym­phs were avo­ided, so we are wait­ing for the first big hat­ches and war­mer water temperature. Related posts: December Flyfishing the bavarian »Spessart« DVD The Brown Trout and the Mayfly (Ørreten og døgnflua) Start into the season at the River Main

Meefischli on grass

We cas­ted a couple of rods and lines in our park on grass. My news Sage xi3, 9 weight casts really nice with a Rio pike taper 10wt for short dis­tan­ces – can not wait to fish this combo for some spring pike. Related posts: Advanced Trick Casting: The Shadow Cast