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Monthly Archives: November 2011


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Sinn-Grayling in November

Unfortunately a rare sight nowadays. One winter without cormorant incursion would help the grayling population to recover. Let’s hope for the best! Related posts: Brown water Video »At least there are no mosquitoes« Finnmark tour 2012 Salzach-Grayling in November Arge Sinntal stocking

Salzach-Grayling in November

A trip with ups and downs to the Bräurup waters. Day 1: very few fish (edit: ok, one bite) Day 2: more fish Day 3: incredibly many fish Day 4: less than on day 3, but still very good     Related posts: Brown water Flyfishing “Fuscher Ache” and “Salzach” in Austria DVD The Brown Trout and the Mayfly (Ørreten og døgnflua) Start into the season at the River Main