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Fly fishing for pike at the Kinzig Lake

On Thurs­day it was finally time to fish at the Kin­zig Lake in the Kin­zig Val­ley. Accor­ding to great fis­hing reports I’ve read I star­ted early in the morning to give me a chance to secure the early rising pikes at the lake.
The lake is pretty fly-fishing-friendly, since all the hot spots such as reeds and cab­bage fields in shal­low water are acces­si­ble by waders. Howe­ver, the con­di­ti­ons were not the best:
the blue-green algae bloom was in full swing, the water was very warm (23° C) and the other­wise fre­quently occur­ring small fish were not seen any­where. So I had no take in 10 hours of inten­sive fis­hing and finally gave up. Next time I’m going to visit the lake in autumn or spring, I think the fis­hing should be much bet­ter then.

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