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Ok, its nothing about to many cormorants or silly little hydrodynamic power plants. But we all love pristine nature. Please sign and share this online petition.

More information here, takes just a minute:

The plans to open one of only few nesting sites of the endangered Green Sea Turtle to industrial development severely threatens this protected species.

One of ONLY six hatching sites of this species exist on Peninsular Malaysia.Now, the plans were signed by the local government to open a steel mill and gas plant at this undisturbed nature site.

The construction work will begin in a few months, maybe even weeks!

The necessary infrastructure for both projects also harms the surrounding Virgin Jungle Reserve. Parts of it were given free for logging. The reserve hosts many endemic and unique plant and animal species, like the critically endangeredDipterocarp tree Shorea lumutensis or the pangoline.

Not only the nature is under threat, also the locals depending on fisheries and tourism will lose much of their income and the toxic emissions from the plants will cause acid rain and health problems! Read more…

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